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Which is the Max Capacity?

  The US Coast Guard regulations require that all privately owned charter yachts in the United States are limited to a maximum of 13 Passengers (Charterer +12 Guests), plus crew. This regulation is named in the Passenger Vessel Safety Act of 1993: “No yacht for charter should accept more than 13 passengers onboard, no matter the size of the vessel or the age of the passenger.

General Rule of Thumb For Vessels:

19 – 36ft     6-10 Passengers

37 – 42ft     10-12 Passengers 

44ft+            13 Passengers

P.s: Children / Infants count the same as an Adult.


   Miami has an unpredictable tropical climate, meaning it is very hot with sudden sporadic Bursts of rain now and then, which rarely last more than 20-30min.

   Charters very rarely get canceled due to bad weather, only when it’s Deemed unsafe by the captain will a rescheduling option be provided.

   Owners are happy to work out a rescheduling if the weather seems aggressive or are given prior notice.

Rain doesn’t constitute a reason for cancellation due to Miami’s Tropical climate.


   Captains are there to make sure clients are happy and safe, they will present some of the most popular location options to go Anchor at in South Miami, such as Star Island, Monument Island, Nixon, Marine Stadium, etc.

   They can also offer a tour of the Famous Mansions by Star island / Palm Island or go cruising along the skyline and eventually anchor at one of the top spots for Fun, Sun, and Swimming. 

    If a vessel is chosen in North Miami (Haulover, Sunny Isles, Ft. Lauderdale)


    Then the cruising grounds will stay Local.


    Keep in mind the charter prices presented are for Idle speed cruising in the designated local areas of the vessel selected.


“We understand that life can sometimes get in the way and that’s why at ‘Enjoy Life is Now’ we always strive to accommodate our Clients and our Collaborating Vessel Owners in the best way we can in an event of a cancellation, our main priority is to make sure our client’s board, have an Amazing time and return once more.”


  • Once a deposit is made, the chosen vessel’s time slot is blacked out and reserved.

  • In the event of severe weather conditions (Named tropical storm or hurricane), ‘Enjoy Life is Now’ will first make every effort to reschedule the charter on another day. In the event that the charterer cannot reschedule, an in-house credit toward the Canceled vessel for future use will be given. Note that due to the nature of South Florida, Rain and overcast clouds do not constitute severe weather.

  • Safety is our main priority, but only if the Captain and/or Vessel Owner deems it unsafe to Venture out shall it constitute as “Unsafe”.

  • “Unforeseen circumstances” (i.e. death in immediate family, hospitalization). Medical proof via certificate or doctor’s report is required.

  • In the event that the charterer chooses to cancel the charter, every effort will be made by ‘Enjoy Life is Now’ to reschedule the charter for a more convenient date pending availability.

  • If the charterer cancels within 24h of the initial reservation a refund can be made as long as the charter date is 7 days out.

  • However, If the Reservation is made on the same day as the Departure date and canceled the very same day, the deposit will not be refunded.

  • If the charterer cancels after the 24-hour booking period or up to 7 days before the departure date. The deposit will not be forfeited and ‘Enjoy Life is Now’ will make every effort to reschedule the charter for another date or an in-house credit toward the Canceled vessel for future use will be given.

  • However If the Charterer cancels within 7 days of the departure date, the deposit will be forfeited and credited to the Vessel Owner to cover the losses incurred due to the Vessel being out of booking circulation.

  • In the event the Vessel owner must cancel due to reasons beyond our control (e.g Mechanical), it is agreed that every effort will be made to reschedule the charter. If rescheduling is not possible, a full refund will be made to the charterer.

  • No Refund or Rescheduling for ‘Day of’ Cancellations.

  • Please Inform ' Enjoy Life is Now ’ if the Vessel has functionality or hygiene issues before you leave the marina (Provide video and/or picture evidence for us to argue on your behalf. If informed after the charter has been completed, then ‘Enjoy Life is Now’ can not argue in your defense and should not be held responsible. Our goal is to make sure that ‘You’ the Charterer have a Wonderful Experience.

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